We all know why dating applications have an edge over dating websites but have you learned what its other advantages are? In this article we will discuss other advantages of using a dating application compared to a dating website aside from being described for its simplicity.

So which one is better, a dating site or a dating app? You might probably used both these platforms and already determined its advantages and disadvantages but not everyone who uses it have the ability to compare its differences that is why we still compiled some important details to support our claim that dating apps is superb compared to dating sites.

For those who have tried both platforms, for sure they have found a significant differences and the most noticeable difference is the simplicity of dating apps while the dating site gives you a complex and a list of guide questions that is dragging and time consuming.

Whether you are using Tinder and other dating apps available in both Google Play Store and Android’s IOS, it all provides benefits that online dating sites cannot provide us but it does not discredit online dating sites in the online dating world, of course, this is where online dating apps got its concept before smartphones were a mere fragment of a futuristic imagination.

However, if you base it with efficiency, dating apps gain the upper hand and here is some list of benefits of dating apps over dating sites.

  • MUTUALITY- In dating apps, you can match with people who have a mutual interest in you. Instead of liking a random person’s profile and picture, dating apps filter down the people who have a lot of common with you so it is easier for you to initiate conversation with them and keep it for hours and even days because both of you have the same interest that you can talk with.
  • FASTER- It’s easier for your match to answer your questions by directly messaging them with the messaging feature of the dating app. All you need is just a data connection to log in to your dating app account and you are good to go compared to starting a computer and waiting for it to boot. Also, it’s easier for you to contact your match by asking them for their phone number if you want to meet them personally.
  • COMPACT PROFILE- Dating applications have this unique and attractive way to make someone’s profile. Unlike the boring and lengthy profile description in online dating sites, dating apps only provide you a limited word count so it is easier for your potential match to determine your personality or how you describe yourself. In short, dating apps creates an artistic way to market yourself to potential matches.
  • COMPLETELY FREE- Most dating apps are free. These free dating app are usually the most popular and a lot of people takes advantage of it because aside from being very convenient, efficient, it is completely free even though there are some features that must be paid. This is still one way to convince you that dating apps are still better than online dating sites. Imagine you find your soulmate in an application that you can access for free, isn’t it a dream come true? Of course, it is.



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