Effective Cardio is Equal to Effective Relationships: 7 Ways to Revive It

Effective Cardio is Equal to Effective Relationships: 7 Ways to Revive It

Most men like to run much less than to lift weights. However, workouts should not be so simple every time, so you need to go back to basics and start running, jumping, walking, in other words, focus on cardiovascular training. There are 7 ways, which help you add some variety to any cardio training.

1. Focus on distance, not time.

The first days of running can make you feel like an athlete, but over time, the emotional outburst goes down due to the monotony. However, you can initially approach your running creatively. For example, you can forget about time intervals and focus on distance. For example, if earlier you ran 20 minutes at an average speed, now try to run 2 kilometers as fast as possible. The emphasis on distance rather than time is a good way to diversify the run.

2. Tabata protocol.

The Tabata protocol is an interval training, which was invented in 1996. It is intense, complex and lasts only 4 minutes, which are divided into 20 and 10-second intervals. That is, you “work” for 20 seconds, and then you rest for 10 seconds. However, you should work at your limits. For example, if you do the elliptical, then set the maximum resistance and pedal for 20 seconds at maximal speed, then stop for 10 seconds, and then pedal again.

3. Unstructured training.

Usually, professional runners and triathletes choose this kind of training. You should choose a route for running, as well as a specific time, for example, 30 minutes. The route must contain a zone for a fast sprint, a zone for jogging and, for example, a zone for running uphill. That is, the "track" should be as diverse as possible. Your task is to run without stopping for at least 30 minutes.

4. Get up on the hill.

Find a hill in your city, the best option is the one, which is covered with gravel. The hill should be half- arduous, relatively safe and convenient for running. Try to get up on the hill in 15-20 seconds. Get down and repeat everything again. Do it 8-12 times. You will see that running up a hill is much harder than running on a flat surface, but the result is also much better.

5. Imitation of a race.

Any treadmill is a track, which hypothetically can repeat the Formula 1 route. However, it is much better to use a jogging track for this purpose. Try to imagine that you are at the races, and you need to be the best. You will have the motivation to run faster, better, longer.

6. Combine running with business.

If you run only on a treadmill, then you can easily combine running (with a low pace) with checking emails, business calls, watching movies, listening to lectures. It will not be easy, but such a strategy will make each workout more interesting, as well as help solve the issues, which you always postpone. Besides, it will give you an extra precious time.

7. Forget about burning the calories.

Most often, people start running when they are not satisfied with their weight. They begin to torture themselves with workouts in the hope of losing weight forever, but this does not happen because they focus only on the negative aspect of running. Try to enjoy the run. Read more - https://uabrides.com/blog/date-a-ukranian-woman/how-to-attract-a-young-ukrainian-girl/

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