5 Things You Should Avoid After a Workout to Be Attractive for Girls

5 Things You Should Avoid After a Workout to Be Attractive for Girls

Any man who visits the gym on a regular basis and makes progress in body improvement is of interest to girls, more https://bridesstars.com/blog/russian-dating/why-russian-girls-want-to-marry-foreigners/. However, not only the direct training process and the amount of the hours you devote to sets are important. Physical indicators depend also on what happens after leaving the gym. For example, if you make the next five mistakes every time, then your efforts will be in vain. Try to remember them, especially if you are new to fitness.

1. The abrupt end of training.

If you train hard, then your body is in constant stress. This is normal. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t abruptly stop training at the peak. You should devote the last 20 minutes of training for something light, such as aerobic exercise or stretching. Do not forget about the cold shower, your muscles should cool down.

2. Walking in sweaty clothes.

Everyone knows that many guys don’t take a shower after training, and some of them even go home right in sportswear, which is sweaty and dirty. This is unwise at once for several reasons. However, most importantly, any dermatologist will tell you that if sweat accumulates on the skin, it begins to bridge the pores. This, in turn, will not allow the skin to breathe. And if you have scratches or cuts on the skin, then you can easily fall into the trap of some disgusting infection. So, you will be either affected by numerous bacteria, or a fungus, or a virus. This will happen just because you are too lazy to wash up and put on other clothes.

3. You go barefoot in the locker room.

Please, do not go barefoot in the locker room. Just imagine how many people are hanging out in the gym. There are thousands of them. And how many people have such a perk as a foot fungus? Besides, these shiny and wet floor contains a huge number of microbes. If you need to put your bare feet on the floor, just put a towel first. Do everything to keep your feet clean.

4. Uncontrolled consumption of protein.

Muscles consist of protein. So, if you want to be bigger, you should eat more protein. Nevertheless, the amount of consumed protein should be strictly related to the training program and your personal physical characteristics. Therefore, you shouldn’t eat protein night and day. On the contrary, you should have a food "gap," which does not depend on protein at all. You should understand that if you consume more protein than you need, then it turns into fat and carbohydrates, and it can lead to serious health problems.

5. You do not drink enough water.

This is especially important for athletes who focus on increasing stamina. So, dear runner, bodybuilder, swimmer, cyclist, listen carefully. If you sweat too much during a long training session, it is important to weigh in before training to determine how much “water weight” you could lose per workout. Write down the “lost weight” and increase it 1.5 times, converting it to the water equivalent. It is the volume of water that you should drink during the day after a workout. It is important to restore the water balance.

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